Locks Rekey Service

Locks Rekey Service

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Locks Rekey Service

A homeowner does not always have to completely replace the locks on the property. Except there is a core component of the lock that has gone bad, you can rekey them.

What Is Rekeying?

Every lock in existence can be rekeyed, whether traditional or high-security models. If you recently moved into an apartment and are not sure of the whereabouts of the rest of the keys to the living space, you can rekey the locks. This is a cheaper way to get exclusive access to your home or place of business.

A good locksmith will always present the rekeying option to clients because many of them are not aware that changing/completely replacing locks is not the only option on the security table. When the situation arises, it is best to consult with professionals that will give you their honest opinion and best shot.

Rekeying your locks is as good as having a new and improved lock. More cost-effective than replacing, it involves changing the chambers and inner workings of the locks so they will accept a new key. That way, the older key will be rendered useless, giving you that much deserved exclusive access to your property.

How Long Does It Take?

Evidently, rekeying your locks is easier than replacing them, so it’s going to be a faster approach. Nevertheless, how long the locksmith will spend doing it depends on the type of locks on your property.

Rekeying locks only takes a few minutes when an experienced locksmith is handling them. The only thing that can make the process take much time is getting the lock itself out of the door. But since no two locks are the same, some may take more time to be removed.

When experts from Mike Locksmith 24/7 arrive on-site they will examine your locks and give you an estimated delivery time. Still, do rest assured that you won’t be waiting too long for the job to be completed.

Great Results

Only experts and honest locksmiths would admit that rekeying locks is better than completely replacing them. It does not only enable you to keep some basic components of the lock but also allows you to operate it with a totally new key. With an in-depth understanding of the way the pin-tumbler system works, our locksmiths know what it takes to rekey any lock.

The professionals at Mike Locksmith 24/7 are adequately equipped to assist homeowners and business managers/owners to rekey the locks on their property. It is very common for homeowners to demand a sole key that controls every lock on their building—one of the main reasons locks are rekeyed. Our responsibility is to make sure that you get it done.

When rekeying your locks, your locksmiths access the current keys that operate the lock, the lock itself, and the new key which you intend to use going forward. Our experts will then synchronize the system in a couple of minutes, enabling you to retain your old locks but have new keys for them.

We look forward to rekeying your locks!