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About Us

When was the last time you maintained your locks? Most importantly, when was the last time you checked on the physical or electronic security of your property? If you have been neglecting your lock-up system all this while, something might have gone wrong with you noticing. But don’t worry. We are here to fix that right away.

Mike Locksmith 24/7 is your one-stop shop for all things keys and everything about locks. We bunk up in lock cylinders and eat our meals from strike plates. We latch onto every opportunity to make your home, business, or car more secure and more accessible—to you, of course. As far as it concerns strengthening the physical security of your property, we do it professionally and expeditiously.

You spent your hard-earned money buying that chic piece of real estate. You deserve to stay safe, comfy, and secure in it at all times. That’s the only way you’ll enjoy your investments and get your rightful peace of mind. It all starts from the way your home is protected from the inside out. From your front access across to the backyard exit, the locks on every door—and window—ought to go big on their functions.

We make sure that every dollar you spent on those locks counts for something valuable. We are not picking, jimmying, or breaking locks. Mike Locksmith 24/7 is a team of professional locksmiths with a wealth of experience in all segments of property and automobile security. If it involves keys, keycards, access-control systems, and everything that falls between, we are the best way to make sure the said systems stay on key.

Best believe, Mike Locksmith 24/7 is one of the most sought-after locksmiths in the local and national markets. Our solutions are custom-tailored to suit the needs of our clients, but we play by international rules and operate by global standards. Our locksmith agency is several years old in the business, and our team members have just as much extent of experience.

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There’s also something valuable in the name. Mike Locksmith “24/7”, which means we are available any time of the day and any hour of the night. When we make sure that our best-in-class services are accessible round the clock, it’s easy for you to respond quickly to your locks-based emergencies. You could get yourself locked out of your house or misplaced your keys at Super Bowl Sunday.

There’s no locksmith-related issue that our experts can’t handle. Likewise, there is no situation they cannot correctly diagnose and proffer the best solution for. They’re pretty much veterans in their crafts, with the prerequisite know-how and solid handle on many lock types. If you want to go digital, our locksmiths are equally up to the task. They’re equipped with the necessary software to program you new keys and set you up a smartphone and PC-accessible access-control system.

We oblige you to allow us to take the stress of locks and keys away from you. Hire us for that locksmith job, and we are sure to exceed your expectations. We exist to make you, your loved ones, employees, customers, and passengers are secured. All you have to do is hire us.